Why did I decide to have a Facelift instead of Botox?

Have you noticed how actresses and actors aged, but we still remember them younger? Often dramatic changes don’t just happen in our lives – we aged quietly. Until one morning when we are not able to recognize the face in the mirror. First signs of ageing are droopy eyebrows, loose eyebags, loose cheeks and wrinkled neck. If you add all possible face wrinkles, you will receive the best formula for ageing. Unfortunately, no one has created a pill, which stops all these signs. Medical treatments have some progress but it is more like improving than preventing. Singapore plastic surgery, for example, is one of the best in the world and surgeons can make miracles with already aged faces, but they can’t do anything to prevent women from ageing. If some you share to some of your friends that you are thinking that your face is different today than it was 5 years ago, and they tell you that you have younger spirit – the decision is taken. People who talk about your soul when you ask them about your body or face they will not tell you the truth. They might tell you that you look like their mother … in a good way like there is a good way. So embrace yourself and start checking for cosmetic surgeries, facelift or treatments, like Botox, like I did. If you expect to see your face in the mirror try to surprise yourself with some windows in the street. Most people are really surprised by their appearance when they see their aged face when they don’t expect to see it. For example, people are ready to see themselves in the mirror early in the morning while brushing their teeth.

What has happened with your face and neck?

Ageing causes bad things to platysma muscle, and he drops the skin. A facelift is sewing your already tighten skin in the back of your ears and no one can notice that you had a surgery. The result is that you can put again your favourite choker without disturbing you look ridiculous.
Women know this feeling when their face is not ready to get outside and see the world. They might have some pimples, dark circles around the eyes or just dry skin. Women used to have good and bad skin days and their reaction in bad days is just waiting to become a good one. When you are ageing, then you have bad ones only without the opportunity to skin them. Women in 30s have all the cards – they are beautiful, enough young and enough intelligent. Unfortunately, in 50s youth card is outdated and intelligence is on the table only. OK, so after I read Dr Cy Chua Facelift Vs Botox article I was convinced that I need Facelift instead of Botox.

What Botox is?

Unlike other fillers, Botox works like something that freezes your muscles. I am not going to use the word paralyses because it sounds scary but the biological reaction is similar to paralysis. Botox has to be repeated once every year and the level of paralysis can’t be well estimated. Have you seen photos of women who had scary results after their Botox treatment? OK, most of them are way exaggerated but there is some truth.


What facelift is?

A facelift is a plastic surgery that cuts your skin, tighten it and then sew it back. It sounds gross – it is not. A neck lift is the same but skin is attached in different place. Most people think that they will be the exact copy of their younger version but the truth is that this is not possible like an exact match. Even young faces have some loose areas while facelift doesn’t. The ultimate moment in facelift plastic surgery is to find a surgeon who will give his best to accomplish best nature-looking results.