What is wrong with plastic surgery?

Some people claim that plastic surgery today is an evil area and surgeons don’t have hearts. It was not long ago when most people who had improvements have had an incident that forces them to seek for aesthetic help. Aesthetic surgeons today have many patients who just don’t like themselves. Knowing that you have an option to alter your look, immediately give you a freedom to want it. The strongest opponents of the plastic surgeries claim that people can’t and shouldn’t be young forever. People should embrace imperfections and ageing and show them openly. After all, plastic surgeries, like ultra v lift, facelift, breast augmentation, etc. are far from natural changes.

What plastic surgeons think of it?

Medical care is social service which aim is to help people fight with health problems. Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are parts of the medical service. Some people really need aesthetic alteration due to some specific conditions or incident. Most people get a facelift or ultra v lift because they want to look younger and proceed to deny that they have reached a certain age. Have you heard people claim that 60 is new 40 – this sentence is composed by someone who is so afraid to be old that need a rescue rope to fight with the fear. However, the most important question is how plastic surgeons can help without doing harm.

Imagine plastic surgeons were magicians. You choose a clinic, for example, Cambridge Medical Group, choose a surgeon, Dr Lee Mun Heng and he alters your look for a second. Then you will want more and more and more until you forget where is the limit. Plastic surgeons have an unwritten rule to make surgeries that have natural results. That’s why it is almost impossible to find a plastic surgeon who is ready to attach you a cat tail, for example. Several years ago, not only in Singapore but in every country where plastic surgery was a popular area, patients have the habit to overdo with their desires. Of course, plastic surgeons follow their clients’ wishes and many bad decisions were made. Probably, you have seen photos of bad facelifts, too big breasts implants, etc. Today, this is almost no impossible to happen. Doctors provide aesthetic treatments that have natural results, exactly like Dr Lee Mun Heng and his signature ultra v lift treatment.

What is ultra v lift? How does it work?

Ultra v lift treatment is suitable for the whole face and neck. If the patient wants to tighten his cheeks, neck area and eyebrows then this is the right treatment. In addition, it is used to stretch face lines, wrinkles from ageing and mimic ones. Eye bags benefit from it too because ultra v lift is popular to have a fast enlightening effect on the dark spots. Most women are interested in this treatment because it is a lunchtime procedure and will make the face look more like the shape of the letter V. V-shaped face are considered as more young and well-looking. The surgeon uses two types of material – Polydioxanone (PDO) or Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) and both of them provoke more collagen production. That’s why this treatment, although it is not natural, provokes natural results. This is the reason why Dr Lee Mun Heng has chosen it for his signature treatment because it has the benefits of a facelift but it is a way more gentle. Sagging could be easily improved without Botox or some type of stitches. In addition, people who are against plastic surgeries can still have it because it is not a surgery, but non-invasive procedure.