What are osteoarthritis knee exercises?

Probably you had the unfortunate chance to know what arthritis is. Most people who are on certain age have of both types of arthritis – rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or osteoarthritis (OA). If you are “lucky” one, you know how bad the pain could be. Because of the pain, people limit their motions and avoid walking, jumping or even sitting. Every knee motion causes discomfort and pain that 100% interferes with the normal life of the man. That’s why we try to find out what type of exercises people with osteoarthritis knee problems should exercise to reduce the pain. Yes, performing exercises is a good thing even for people with arthritis. They will reduce the pain, swelling and stiffness. In addition, proper exercise will make muscles around the knee joint stronger and will assure the full motion of the joint itself. If you have strong muscles, you will be able to move no matter what. This is not jumping competition so it shouldn’t be as hard as you think.

Most exercises are completely useful no matter they are low-impact. Gentle movement is still preferred instead of no movement. Osteoarthritis knee exercises are low-impact, gentle and supportive.

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Osteoarthritis knee exercises

You should repeat every exercise at least 8 times but not more than 3 series.

Mini squat with support

There is only one proper way of squatting – enough wide open legs and your bottom goes backwards. Your abs should be tight and you can hold for a chair back if you need more support. When you are on your lowest position, then hold for three and slowly and slowly straighten your knees. Sounds painful but in fact, it will relieve your pain.

Quad Stretch with support

Stand next to your chair. You can give a name to your chair because he will be your friend in most osteoarthritis knee exercises. Hold lightly for the back of the chair, don’t drop on it – he is your friend, not your horse. Step backwards as you are trying to step with your whole foot. Your toe should be on the ground so you will feel the pressure in your hamstring. Your front leg will bend naturally a bit, don’t straighten it. Stay in this position for a while, then release.

Hard walking with a resistance band

Sit on your chair and put a resistance band slightly under your knees. Make sure it is not too high or too low and you will be able to lift one leg. Another leg should be on the floor not moving. You should hold the position for 10 seconds and release.

Another type of this exercise is walking while sitting. You don’t lift one leg but try to step with it. The difference is that the back leg should be a little backward. Again, staying in this position for 10 seconds and then release.

Stretching is a gift

Hamstrings are important for muscle leg muscle strength. You should stay on the chair but at its edge. You should feel like you will fall if you move an inch. This position is properly performed if your back is straight. The right leg should be flat on the ground and left – straighten. Touch with your heel as far as you can. Next step is to lean forward but slightly and try to reach with your heel further. Hold and change legs.

What else you can do if you have osteoarthritis?

Walking, of course, should be the first activity in your list. Slowly walk in the park improve the blood flow and it is a weight-bearing exercise. If you are a swimmer and love pools then use it. Walk under water, perform knee water exercises and will see how your knees will benefit from it. Water exercises are harder because you have additional pressure, so have it in mind.

If you want to enlarge the effect from exercises then apply some heat pack on your knees before working out and ice packs after. This will increase the blood flow and will reduce the pain. If you are taking any pills for osteoarthritis then make sure you have them before osteoarthritis knee exercises and you will be able to perform them pain-free.