Types of tummy tuck surgery in Singapore

If you can afford to have a tummy tuck in Singapore probably, you know that the surgery is a famous method of coping with excessive fat and skin in the tummy area. Although tummy tuck cost in Singapore is not as high as the one in the USA, it can reach 30 000$ top, it is not the cheapest surgery, too. First, the main thing is that this is an invasive surgery with incisions – there is no such thing as a non-invasive tummy tuck. Second, it is always with anaesthesia sometimes the surgeon prefers to use general one to be certain in the best results.

The surgeon is a complex one because it sums up two things – tightens abs muscles and removes excess tissue and skin. If your goal is to get thinner, this is not the right surgery for you. Indeed the surgeon will remove some fat but it is more like contouring than removing. Tummy tuck cost in Singapore, according to TummyTuckSingapore.com,┬áis considered as a low one because people often combine it with liposuction so the patient needs only one anaesthesia. Depending on the desires of the patient and the assessment of the surgeon, the patient can have some different type of tummy tuck. Surgeons, like Dr. Samuel Ho, have a big experience and can determine the most suitable procedure in no time

Do you know how many tummy tuck variations exist?

Robotic Tummy Tuck, Mini Tummy Tuck, Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Vertical Tummy Tuck, Endoscopic Tummy Tuck, Anchor Tummy Tuck for Post Bariatric and Traditional Bikini Line Tummy Tuck. These are just a few variations with different incisions, different placement of scar, and if Rectus Diastasis exist. For those of you who don’t know what that is, we will explain it below.

Diastasis is when some of your abs are separated from each other thanks to pregnancy or obesity. The surgeon uses stitches to hitch the muscles close to each other. The principle is similar to the shoelaces. The gap is repaired and the patient has tightened abs muscles. There are cases where separation gap is more than 2sm. So if you have rectus diastasis, then your surgery becomes longer and more complex. Don’t worry most people have it so surgeons have a lot of experience with it.

Let’s get back to different tummy tuck surgeries

Robotic tummy tuck cost in Singapore is lower because the procedure is shorter. The surgeon makes 4 incisions only and all of them are long not more than 1 sm. Another lighter surgery is Endoscopic Tummy Tuck because surgeon makes only one incision. The incision is around 5 sm so it is less than C-section incisions. Surgeons love these two surgeries because the scars are almost smaller and patients have no troubles hiding them under swimsuits.

In bigger category is Mini Tummy Tuck with slightly bigger incision than C-section. For example, Traditional Bikini Line Tummy Tuck has incision long from hip to hip. Of course, it is possible to hide it under swimsuit but it is way more longer. There is no place to argue, that if you need a traditional one this is what you get. An Extended Tummy tuck reaches the flanks because we all know how irritating they could be. Circumferential Tummy Tuck has the longest incision – all around your body. It is not the most popular because the scar is too big and the surgery is too complex.

How many free days I should have to undergo a tummy tuck?

At least 2 weeks are necessary because the body needs to adapt to the new shape and the patient should at least partly recover from the surgery. You will be at least 3 days in the hospital especially if your surgeon has used a general anaesthesia. For those of you who have it before, you know how tough is to recover after a general anaesthesia.