Tummy Tuck surgery men and woman point of view

All women want to be fit and to attract male attention. Men want to have abs and to look gorgeous on the beach. Unfortunately, age, work, lacking the time and inappropriate food diet can cause a bulging tummy. Of course, there are people who are able to exercise daily and to reduce it to a minimum but most of them are genetically predisposed to fit body. For the rest of women and men there is a procedure, actually, a plastic surgery called tummy tuck. It is not a surgery, that will save you from all fat in your body, but it can help with the excess skin and a small amount of fat. Most patients don’t know what type of tummy tuck they need and usually, try to have a mini one. Allureplasticsurgery.sg digs deeper into this topic and reveals what are a tummy tuck surgery and mini tummy tuck. Let’s see what they have explained.

Who should choose tummy tuck surgery?

It is not the patient, nor the doctor. It is a patient’s body. Bodies are different and need different things. Some people need muscle tightening others not. Some patients need liposuction and skin removing, too. A tummy tuck involves tightening muscles and cutting loose skin so the waist will look flatter. In addition, a patient will have a well-contoured waist. If a patient, has many stretchmarks and wants a liposuction this could lead to skin contraction. If the case is exactly opposite and the patient has only excessive skin without excess skin then liposuction instead of a tummy tuck can be the answer. Unfortunately, the second case is a rare event.

What is causing fat in the belly?

We are not talking about diet and unhealthy food, but they are certainly one of the reasons. Another reason is pregnancy and even pregnancies. Most women don’t realize that their skin will stretch so much that it can change their bodies completely. Nature is a great artist and it will form your body to make a room for the new life. Women usually have more than one pregnancy and the effect becomes double. Tummy tuck surgery can save them from their low self-esteem and will improve their abdominal condition. Sometimes muscles are too separated and sit-ups can’t help a lot. Weight loss can cause loose belly, too. Imagine that you have fat on your belly and lose it. What is left? That’s right – skin. Tummy tuck surgery will remove that skin and you will be able to show around your flat tummy like a girl in high school. It is amazing how easy some things can be accomplished if you have enough information and resources. The tummy tuck is not as expensive as you think and it is third most popular plastic surgery in the world.



Who is suitable for this tummy tuck surgery?

You should pay attention to three things – your muscles, your skin, and your fat. If you are exercising a lot but you don’t see noticeable changes then consulting with a doctor is recommendable. If you think that, you have excessive skin and some fat that should be removed then a plastic surgeon can define what your surgery is. Don’t trust every plastic surgeon, do your homework and find the best in this area. Many surgeons are specialized in different areas so you should find the one that suits your case most. You should show your body and share your expectations, and he will recommend you the best procedure. Don’t expect miracles but also don’t set too low limits. Plastic surgeries are invented to help people so patients can feel comfortable in their bodies.