How to recover from a stomach liposuction in Singapore?

Do you know that the best stomach liposuction is in Singapore?

Many people are unable to cope with excessive skin and flab in the tummy area, so they seek alternative methods to improve their self-esteem. Plastic surgeons have created different surgeries that are able to help people in this situation without the need for additional exercising or a diet. Stomach liposuction will not make people slim with a magic. The procedure has different goals – tighten the skin and removing little fat. If you have to imagine, what the procedure is like, imaging contouring. Have in mind that results are permanent but like everything else in our body, you have to take care of your weight in order not to lose the results of the surgery. However, we have noticed, that most people don’t realize how hard is to recover from stomach liposuction that’s why we pay strict attention to this topic.

Are there people who don’t have to have a stomach liposuction?

Yes, many people are not suitable to have this surgery. If you are a woman and you want to have children, you should consider another method. The reason is that during a stomach liposuction, the surgeon will tighten some muscles that are widening during pregnancy. This surgery is more suitable for people who have already born children and not planning to do it anymore. People, who think they can reduce their weight more, should not undergo the surgery, too. If you are sure that you may lose more kilos with dieting and exercise, don’t hesitate to postpone the surgery. Medical history is important, too. If you have many reasons to doubt that you are a good candidate, better bring all your medical documents to the surgeon and ask for a professional opinion. He will tell you if you are able to undergo stomach liposuction in Singapore. One of the best specialists in tummy lipo in Singapore is Dr Samuel Ho from Allure.

The last thing that could stop you is the big scar that is going to follow the surgery. Don’t lie that it won’t be so visible, it will be. Usually, surgeons try to make it longitudinal to your underwear so it won’t be too obvious when you are wearing a swimsuit, though.

What should I know about stomach liposuction recovery?

  • Don’t argue with your surgeon. He knows the best so you should listen to him carefully and follow all his orders and recommendations.
  • You will have to stay at least two days in the hospital because during the surgery, surgeons use general anaesthesia.
  • Next 4 to 8 weeks you are not going to see any results. After the surgery, there is a lot of swelling. Swelling of a human body is exactly filling one area with water and liquids. If you measure your weight right after the surgery you will notice that your weight is an increase. This will be the situation while your body is fully recovered so don’t rush things.
  • Seroma or so-called lymph fluid may occur after the stomach liposuction in Singapore. Sometimes during the procedure, the bigger cannula is used and this cause seroma to appear not long after the surgery. Another possible reason is if the liposuction was too aggressive and the body has to respond somehow. However, when the seroma appears, your surgeon could drain it. Another method to cope with it is using micro-cannulas and elastic compression garments.
  • You will be able to return to your desk in a week. However, people who exercise or don’t work behind the desk should wait a little more. Right after the surgery, all physical efforts are non-recommendable. Parents who have kids should call some family members or friends to take care of them. If the patient is a proud owner of a dog shouldn’t go out in the park with it because moving around could cause complications. Actually, the first week should be spent on the bed.
  • You couldn’t lift your hands. Abs are responsible for more movements than you think – arm lifting, sitting, even lying. The first week you will feel pressure and pain from swelling and all of these activities will be difficult.
  • Side effects like swelling and bruising could be minimized only if your surgeon has a lot of experience. For example, he will use post-operative elastic compression garments that could reduce swelling to 50%. So you will have swelling but it won’t be as painful.
  • If you are having several liposuctions one after another then you should expect longer recovery time.
  • If you are experiencing some infection, blood necrosis, or bleeding then you should immediately contact your surgeon and find out what the reason is.

Stomach liposuction is a surgery that could benefit a lot from your self-esteem. The moment you decide that you need it, then you should think carefully about the recovery time, risks and all consequences, both positive and negative ones.