How to protect your credit card in Singapore?

Safety is not a joke, so we decided to pay a little attention to protection. Credit cards were extremely vulnerable years ago and today people still have some doubts about their security. Yes, your credit card needs extra protection no matter where you live in Singapore or somewhere else. Often identity thieves use credit cards to still the identity of their victim so this topic shouldn’t be ignored. We will look into several things we have noticed young people do with their credit card in Singapore without knowing the risks. Let’s start.

Credit cards and your social media accounts

No matter how fancy your credit card is, don`t share it on social media. Yes, we know that there are hundreds of good designs, and we know that your credit card is the most awesome but please don’t share it. Probably you have discovered cool websites, like where you can apply for a beautiful credit card with rebates and discounts, but you should not take a photo of your credit card numbers and publish it, no matter how gorgeous background it has. If you think that is too obvious protection, just check your friends and you will see at least 3 credit cards on their photos. Actually, don’t think this is valid for credit cards only, you shouldn’t post photos of any documents.

Blank you CVV code

This is focused on people who shop online. CVV code is used for shopping online so if you remember it, or save it like a password on your computer, then there is no point to black it. This is a good protection if someone steals your credit card in Singapore and try to shop with it online – he can’t do that without CVV code. Easy peasy, right? Use some black marker or paint and scratch it.

Blank or replace the signature on your credit card

If you blank the signature place, you will encourage shop assistants to ask ID of whoever holds the credit card. Another great method is to write down “Ask for ID” so people will see it and will ask for an ID. Of course, this is not a traditional method but there are results. People catch the idea pretty quickly and ask me for my ID every time when I give them a credit card with this sentence written on it.

If you have applied for a new credit card while your old one is still valid, make sure you completely destroy the unnecessary one. Don’t forget to shred not only the card but all documents, too. On some of your documents, there is important information like your names, ID number etc. Micro-cut shredding machines are the best so you should not worry that someone will be capable of reconstructing your papers. Not everyone has a shredding machine, so if you are like me and don’t have at home, just ask some of your friends. I am considering buying one, though. It is extremely useful and you can destroy easily all your bank papers and documents that you don’t have to put in the trash.

Some online magazines and bloggers recommend demagnetizing the strip of your card but I don’t think it is a good idea. However, if you need a new credit card in Singapore or you want to protect the old one follow my advice and be careful. New technologies are allowing thieves to try new types of theft so you should be really careful with your finances and credit cards.