Possible risks of fat freeze

Fat freeze is non-invasive procedure executed by a surgeon or a specialist who will treat certain areas. The treatment is actually freezing of your fat deposits while patient read or watch something. Later human body gets rid of frozen fats thanks to the liver. The procedure is non-invasive because it has no stitches and incision but it still has certain side effects and risks that patients should have in mind.

What should you expect during the treatment?

The procedure is still new so people are having troubles determining the exact periods in which side effects vanish. For example, one survey shows that people who had fat freeze treatment in Centre for Cosmetic Aesthetics┬áreport that the pain disappears in 3 to 11 days. The pain during the procedure is more like stinging. After the procedure, the treated area is red thanks to the effect on the tissue. The length of the fat freeze procedure is between one and two hours. Patients feel some discomfort but eventually, the treated area numbs because sucking and freezing cause it. Exposing to a cold temperature might cause your body many bad things when your whole body is affected. Although exposing only some fat deposits won’t have the same effect some side effects are still possible, like bruising, sensitivity and swelling. Fortunately, they are temporary, too and will vanish in 2, 3 weeks after the treatment.

Risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia

Mostly men are predisposed to this side effect. This paradoxical adipose hyperplasia means that your body will not reduce the number of fat cells in the treated area but it will multiply them. Although scientists are not fully aware of why this happens, the outcome is unpleasant. It is not like other side effects and won’t go away with time so additional measurements should be implemented. However, this side effect is a rare one and the chance to have it is a small one so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Who shouldn’t have fat freeze treatment?

Although this is non-invasive treatment people with certain health conditions shouldn’t have it. The list of these treatments includes cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria and cold agglutinin disease. Having one of them means you should look for some different method, for contouring your body. Just to be sure, before finding a surgeon, who to undergo the treatment, it is a good idea, to consult with your GP. In addition, patients should inform their surgeons if they have some special health conditions that may interfere with the procedure or its results.

Why should you have exactly this treatment?

Fat freezing is for contouring body lines, only. If your desire is to get rid of a few kilos then it is not your treatment. The list of advantages goes on with the positive thing that there are no stitches and people can’t leave the doctor office right after the procedure. The absence of scar is another great benefit because you can have your dreamed body without hiding stitches. Most non-invasive treatments don’t have scarring at all. That is the reason why non-surgical procedures become so popular last few years. Specialists develop more and more treatments that don’t require scalpel and stitching. So we are expecting more and more treatments to fulfil the need of better non-surgical procedures with good results and long-lasting effects. People want to have the effect of surgery without lying under the knife. As long as modern medicine develops the non-invasive treatments will develop with it.