Plantar Fasciitis Exercises & Prevention

If you have ever felt pain in your feet right after you wake up from the bed this article is exactly for you. Plantar Fasciitis is actually a micro-tearing, which leads to inflammation. As every inflammatory process, this also causes pain and this is exactly what you feel. Every patient with plantar fasciitis reports that the pain is worse in the morning and right after some heavy work out or weight lifting. Walking, jumping, and standing too many hours are activities that will cause pain in the feet. We dig deeper into aetiology and methods of prevention of plantar fasciitis and we are keen on sharing this information with you.

Which people are threatened by plantar fasciitis inflammation?

People change their habits so our bodies also change. Many kids have flat feet or high arches. Feet arches are responsible for back stability and proper posture, but they are altered by new habits. For example, we almost don’t walk barefoot and women wear during the whole day high heels. Many people are overweight and this is causing more stress for feet, too. In addition, some professions require standing too long which weight down the whole metatarsus. All these people are predisposed to plantar fasciitis inflammation and pain. If you are one of them, don’t worry we will get to the part with exercises and prevention.

How could you prevent plantar fasciitis pain?

Feet massage

Shoe orthotic is created to correct wrong soles and make them more comfortable for wearing. Some soles are extremely bad for your walking, and they are made just to be a part of the shoe. The important thing about one sole is to be created like it will be a part of the foot. Unfortunately, this is expensive and most shoe manufacturers just choose the cheapest option. Here comes the application of podiatrist approved shoe orthotics. They can correct walking, posture and to reduce the pain in the feet. That’s why if you doubt that you might have plantar fasciitis inflammation shoe orthotics should be your next purchase. They will support not only your feet but your health.

Mind your weight

We are not talking about these 2 kilos after Christmas dinner. We are talking about obesity and all bad things, which come after it. Keeping weight in the norms gives all your muscles, bones, ligaments and joints freedom to move properly. If you already have plantar fasciitis, you should keep weight off no matter what will cost you.

Apply some ice

Like every other inflammation, this one also comes with swelling. In order to reduce the swelling in the foot apply some ice 3, 4 times per day. Another method is soaking your feet in the iced water. Of course, we don’t recommend this in winter.

Stretch your feet and calves

Exercises are always a good option. The best stretching is when you exhale while you are performing it. Grab your toes and stretch your legs. You will stretch your lower back, your calves and your feet. Perform it slowly and carefully. Stretching is about letting the stress out not about creating more stress.

Another exercise for painful feet because of plantar fasciitis is rolling a tennis ball on your feet. You will feel the relief almost immediately when you do that. Repeat it for 2, 3 minutes on every foot and you will notice some improvement soon.

Another thing you can do at home is a massage with a towel – catch the two ends of a long towel and step in the middle. Now sit and massage while the towel is still on your foot. The length of the massage has to be at least a minute.

Plantar Fasciitis feet massage

Have you heard of night splints for Plantar Fasciitis?

They are very helpful if you sleep with your feet pointed down. They provide cushioning and stretching to the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. Proper posture while sleeping can be accomplished with night splints easily. If you sleep 7-8 hours – you will get 7-8 hours proper stretching for your feet and less pain in the morning. Actually, night splint might save you from the pain if you wear it every night.

All these methods will help you get rid of unpleasant pain and discomfort while walking or standing. However, the question of how to prevent plantar fasciitis remains. Let’s answer it.

We have already discussed the matter with the weight, so we don’t stop on it anymore. Have in mind that losing weight is not only exercising but also healthy eating. Next thing you could do to prevent the pain from occurring is choosing good shoes. Don’t hesitate to spend a little more for shoes that are comfortable. Your feet will be grateful. Don’t stress your feet with too hard exercises. For example, you can swim or cycle without giving too much pressure to your feet.