Nose job myths to consider when doing rhinoplasty

Every year more than 300 000 people undergo a nose job around the world. This is the official data so the real number is probably twice as big. Nose is the facial part that almost all young people don’t like in themselves. Unfortunately, young people have the bad habit to look for information online. As you may know, online not the whole information is the truth so young people often start to believe in a misconception about it. We found a plastic surgeon in Singapore who will tell us what are the most popular myths patients know. The frequency of these questions makes us think that we should discuss them openly and more people correct their knowledge.

Who can provide a nose surgery in Singapore?

This question is surprisingly naive because people consider that every plastic surgeon is good at everything. Imagine plastic surgery is like cooking you have basic education to cook soups and cakes but your seminars and additional education is in pastry only. You can make soup but your cakes are what you do best. The same is with plastic surgery. Not every plastic surgeon in Singapore can provide amazing results for a nose job. Nasal anatomy is a specific one and plastic surgeons in this area have constant additional educations, seminars, and workouts. If you want to check your surgeon, ask him to show you previous patients with rhinoplasty like yours before undergo your surgery.

How complex nose job is?

Nose job in Singapore is a complex surgery because nasal anatomy is a complex one. People see the final results aa s simple one activity – for example removing the bump or reducing the tip. In fact, there are more things that happen before the result is accomplished. In addition, if the surgeon removes more than needed, it could collapse the nose structure in some way and the patient will feel uncomfortable while breathing through the nose. Sometimes the surgeon has to cut the bone in order to get the best profile so this is not a simple work, at all.

You should pay for your nose job

This is not a myth because most cases patients pay for their plastic surgeries but there are some specific cases where insurance pay instead of them. Although not everyone has functional issues with the nose it is worth checking your health condition and insurance policy.

Nose surgery in Singapore is expensive

No, it is not. There are countries like the USA where the sum of all taxes could reach $9,000 while in Singapore the price is lower. That’s why people all over the world travel to this gorgeous country to undergo their plastic surgeries with higher quality and lower price. However, no matter where you have chosen to undergo your nose surgery, you should consider that there would be taxes for the hospital, anaesthesia, etc.

Will my nose look fake after the nose job?

In the past rhinoplasty was only about cutting. Surgeons reduce nasal tip, nasal bridge and the size of the noses and people have the same, fake noses. However, this agenda stayed in the past, today plastic surgeons appreciate the diversity and ethnic variations and results are spectacular. In general, there is no plastic surgeon, which prefers fake look than natural results so you should discuss your expectations. Computer imaging will help in this situation, too.