Is Non-Invasive Face lift A Safe Procedure?

The face lift has a long history. Aesthetic treatments have crossed many limitations and have found many sides of beauty. An interesting fact – today there are still people who don’t believe you can have the desired beautiful face. In fact, not only everyone can have it but also recently some great specialists have created non-invasive treatments so you don’t even need a surgery. A non-invasive face lift is a real treatment that almost everyone can afford especially if the patient visits Singapore. Not only this procedure but most aesthetic treatments are completely affordable and you don’t have to break the bank.

What does it mean non-invasive face lift?

It means that the aesthetician doesn’t make incisions on your face. Although threads are the main tool for this procedure, there are no incisions. The aesthetician should insert threads under the skin and use them to tighten the skin from the inside. It sounds like painful but in fact, it is almost painless. That’s why a non-invasive face lift doesn’t require a general anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia is completely enough so the patient is awake during the procedure. It doesn’t matter if the patient is looking at himself in the mirror or watch TV during the procedure. The most important thing is to stay calm and trust his doctor.

How safe is the procedure?

A non-invasive face lift is not surprisingly safe treatment so if you need some risk and adrenaline – this one is not for you. Although the procedure is non-invasive there are still pricks from the injections, which transfer the collagen threads. It is important not to touch your face at least half day or wash it because the pricks might infect. Because there is a foreign body in your face, it is possible to occur some swelling and even bruising. Don’t panic and ask your aesthetic doctor to prescribe you some painkillers in chance this happens. If swelling and bruising occur at real, they will vanish in 2, 3 days. This is the time your body needs adapting to the new strange collagen under your skin. Thankfully, today non-invasive thread lifts are dissolvable, not like 20 years ago when doctors have used permanent suture. As you may guess, the infections were not rare events. Today, threads are actually dissolvable polydioxanone and dermatologists claim that it needs 18 months until full degradation.

thread lift witohut wrinkles

Is it possible thread to tear?

Yes, but it is not scary. It still will degrade in a few months and collagen will improve your skin condition. Actually, the main purpose of polydioxanone thread is to tear slowly.

What could be an unexpected side effect?

Having a perfect face lift depends on the proficiency of the doctor. Sometimes the technique of insertion might cause imperfections, which should be improved. Not properly positioned thread might migrate and cause depression into the surface. As you can imagine, nobody wants to have a face with loops on it. Bad positioning might cause asymmetry, which is next disturbing thing. Nobody wants one half of his face to be upper or lower than the other. Imagine how bad smile is that. Creepy, right? Everything we just wrote down depends on your aesthetician training and expertise so choosing the best one is a must in this case.

There is one pretty scary list with serious side effects, which include damaging salivary ducts, damaging nerves, and nodules. Three of them are extremely rare, and they appear in really specific situations.

If the patient needs this, the threads can be removed in a short period. After removing them the skin heals and there is no sign of the procedure. However, we hope you never need this information.

infection thread lift

Let’s summarize possible non-invasive thread lift side-effects:

  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Damaging salivary ducts
  • Damaging a nerve
  • Appearing of nodules
  • Asymmetry because of bad positioning
  • Migration of the thread

All these side-effects don’t mean this treatment is a bad one. Actually, side-effects of other non-invasive treatments are way more. You can imagine surgical ones and their long lists. Non-invasive face lift promises to become one of the most popular treatments in the next 20 years because people inevitably fall in love with it. Of course, it is expected, because of the lack of downtime and the accomplishment of natural results might lead only to this outcome. If you are going to have some other types of face lift think carefully if this one won’t be a better idea. I am completely sure that this procedure might replace at least 20 others. That’s why it is gathering popularity all over the world, including in Singapore and across Asia. Probably, you know but in Singapore, you can find the best aestheticians and can undergo numerous aesthetic procedures at an affordable price.