IB Schools in Singapore

IB Schools are all over the world and offer a quality education to international students. In Singapore, IB School exists from 1977. This means that even 40 years ago, there were children who need quality education and IB Schools were there to offer it. In the past, education was as important for people as it is today so the meaning of a quality school is not lost. Today, in Singapore 33 schools, that teaches their students with IB curriculum. !8 of these schools are offering primary years programme and one career-related programme. Other 32 schools offer middle years programme and diploma programme. These numbers are proof that only the best schools offer IB curriculum to their students, like GEMS World Academy.

Why students and their parents choose IB Curriculum?

IB curriculum is quality education so it is recognized by quality universities. In Singapore, there are 17 universities in which students can choose from, after diploma programme in IB School. Another reason lays in the understanding of IB Schools in Singapore. Their mission is not just educating children. It is educating kids to become young kind people knowing that the world is wide and different. This is extremely important because adapting and making friends with people different from you is something that some elders can’t do today. This is the greatest advantage of IB schools in Singapore – they help to create a peaceful world.

Some facts about IB Schools in Singapore and around the world

There are 4,783 schools, which offer this programme to students. If we sum up programmes the number is a huge one – 6,395 programmes all over the world. In America, there are more schools offering IB curriculum close to 60%. The rest schools are situated in Asia and the rest of the world. IB schools are created long ago but last 2 years their number raise with 30%. This is amazing because obviously there is a struggle for children who desire to be a part of this global education system.



What IB Programme includes.

Let’s dig deeper and take a look at primary years programme. It includes science, arts, physical, social and personal education. Children realize the answers to questions like who we are and how to express ourselves, how the world works and how to share the planet. All these questions are fully explained by educators who work with children.

Middle years programme includes disciplines like mathematics, languages, physical health. Children have community and personal projects. IB Schools give them the opportunity to participate in different approaches to learning.

Diploma programme is for students who are going to apply for university so it comes with more responsibilities. It includes everything students will need for their future education, like literature, arts, language acquisition, and mathematics. Diploma programme focuses on creativity and activity. Diploma programme has some tests at the end of it so every student should take them. However, finishing IB curriculum not only gives the student the best preparation for university but gives the best preparation for life, too.

IB curriculum was founded in 1968 so it has strong foundations. For most people education is what structure our whole body so it should be a good one. International schools in Singapore are not one or two. Most of them have higher standards and fees. GEMS World Academy is an international school in Singapore with IB Curriculum.