How to remove skin pigmentation?

Do you have skin pigmentation on your face or body?

Most people have survived some nasty acne just to find out they won’t get rid of scars left. Facial imperfections can affect the self-esteem not only of women but of men, too. Light skin tone is more susceptible to pigmentation due to sunburn, ageing and other reasons. People with matt tone skin are still threatened by pigmentation but it is less obvious. However, men and women regularly visit Pico Laser in Singapore to shatter pigmented parts into powder and with good reason – you can read about the main strengths of the Pico Laser treatment in Singapore detailed by VanessaMissyLove in a comparison article on her amazing and helpful site. Laser treatments are undoubtedly an option but there are few methods, you can try at home, before booking an appointment with a dermatologist.

What are homemade recipes that can replace Pico Laser treatment?

Check your fridge and find a potato

Potato is a useful vegetable that can help you fight with pigmentation. It is proven that potatoes have catecholase, which enlightens the skin. There are two different methods to squeeze out the enzymes from the potato. The first one is to cut a slice and apply it on your face with few drops of water. The second one is to squeeze the potato and use the potato juice. Both methods can be successful if you apply it for 30 minutes and then rinse it. You have to do it at least 3 times per day.

Lemon juice

Another thing, which is proven to enlighten the skin, is the citric acid. You can find a natural one in the lemon fruit. Applying the juice for 15 minutes twice per day will improve your skin condition in a few weeks. If you want faster results, you might add some natural honey.

Next thing you can use from your fridge to cope with skin pigmentation is cucumber

Again, you can choose from slices or juice and you can also mix it with lemon and honey. Cucumber helps to not only delete pigmented spots but also fight with dehydration of the skin. The results don’t come immediately so give it time and hope for the best.



Avocado or Papaya

Vitamins can help a lot when it comes to your skin condition. If you are good with biology and chemistry, you probably know that you can find many vitamins in fruits. For example, vitamin E and C are hiding in the avocado so you can use it for your skin imperfections. Avocado has oleic and fatty acids, too. Papaya has enzymes that will help you get rid of dead cells so if you want to combine two fruits, you should use the papaya first and then avocado.

Don’t let your skin dehydrate

Choose one type of milk and make face masks with it. Coconut milk will remove pigmented skin almost as good as Pico laser treatment in Singapore will do it. Almond milk will moisturize it and will make it soft and vital. You don’t need a skin with lost vitalities.

If you don’t have time to try all natural masks and solutions and even more, you don’t want to wait for them to start working on your skin there is a faster method. Yes, Pico Laser treatment in Singapore is a proven technology that ruins pigmented particles and body is able to throw them away. The procedure is fast and non-invasive so you can have results as quickly as you desire. Dark spots from ageing and sunburns are not as scary as they were a few years ago. Today, we are able to remove them without losing time and energy into pointless face masks and treatments that have minimal results. Your skin will be rejuvenated and fresh after the procedure and you won’t be the next victim of pigmentation.