How should you choose a wedding suit for man?

Don’t panic! Weddings are always good in the end no matter if you are the best man, guest or the groom. Although today one wedding can take place in many extravagant places, wedding suits are still something you can’t skip especially if you are the groom. We have created little guide how to help you distinguish good from bad when it comes to wedding suits for men so keep reading, and we promise you that fine tailoring will make this wedding better than you think.

Suit or no suit?

Really, depends on you but tailored suits are made to make men look more handsome. If you choose to wear jeans at a wedding, you will face the risk of someone with a suit to steal your plus-one. Is it worth it? The final decision is yours but we must warn you.

Bespoke suits are high-end suits, like these at Graziaa, that are made only for you and no one else. When you choose a tailor, he or she will take your sizes and ask you to come a few times for additional corrections. However, you will be able to choose everything – from fabrics to buttons. Sounds tempting, right?

What colour suit is best for a wedding?

The short answer is that it depends on your skin and hair colour. If you have olive skin tone and dark hair then you will look amazing in lighter colours. For example, peach colour, khaki and light grey are the best suit colours for summer weddings, which will take place outdoors. Of course, if your wedding is during the winter then navy blue colour might be a better choice. Dark grey and black are also an option.

The black suit is not forbidden but most young people avoid it. Of course, if this is your deepest wish you will explain it to your tailor and he will make it for you. Have in mind that shirt you should wear with a black suit must be white. If you were thinking of pink or yellow shirt, you would better wear jeans instead of a suit.

The colour of the shoes depends also on the suit. There is no exact rule, just don’t combine neon colours with traditional ones. If you want to combine a white shirt with grey/navy wedding suit and black shoes you are more than welcome to do that. Make sure your shoes are polished and clean.

What type of cloth I should choose for my wedding suit – shiny or matt?

Here, the answer is simple and clear. Forget about the word “shiny”, when it comes to a wedding always matt cloth must be your choice. If you like shiny more, just stop.

There is a simple explanation while shiny is never the best option. You probably know, that shiny surfaces reflect the light. Imagine a family photo where you stay in the middle of your family at the wedding and reflect the flash. Not acceptable, right? Matt colour reflects less light so the colour looks richer.

Should I wear a 3 piece suit to a wedding?

You can but it is not a must. 3-piece suits have their own charm. The waistcoat won’t allow your shirt to tuck out. The tricky part is to choose a waistcoat that doesn’t make you look too tall or too short. Unlikely the jacket, waistcoat will be on you the whole night so you have to look amazing with it. Some experience tailors might even make you look smarter and thinner with a properly designed waistcoat.

Formal weddings require formal suit so a 3-piece suit is just in the right place. Make sure your trousers are a perfect fit because the belts with this type of suit are not acceptable. Another option for formal weddings is so-called morning suits. Make sure tails are not too far one from another or crossing each other. Formal weddings are the easiest to dress for because rules are clear. Black suits for formal weddings are acceptable, also.

Tie or no tie?

When it comes to wedding suits for men tailors in Graziaa recommend wearing a tie. If you wish, you might use bowtie instead, but you have to wear at least one of them. The colour of the tie is something that suit colour will define. Make sure you stay far away from shiny ties and too big bowties – they are funny and look good in memes only.