Common Causes of Hair Loss

Baldness and wrinkles are 2 most scary things of ageing. As far as we know wrinkles can be improved easily with some cosmetic treatments, so next thing we should pay attention is baldness. How to stop hair loss is topic that everyone needs to look at. Our body is made simple and for every cause, there is a reason. Most people think that hair loss is due to improper care but most often both things have nothing in common. We will look into most popular reasons for hair loss because how to stop it depends on them. And as it’s very well said on Singapore Beauty Blog “You need to understand Hair Loss First!”.


Hormones are an important part of human’s body. We function thanks to them but they can cause some inappropriate effects, too. Levels of hormones are constantly changing due to stress, happiness, sadness and others. Pregnancy changes hormone levels and causes hair loss. Menopause and birth control do the same thing. If you think that birth control is guilty and you want to know how to stop hair loss, also you could visit your doctor and he will recommend you a proper treatment. Of course, as soon as you stop receiving birth control pills, hair loss problem may vanish.

Do emotions cause hair loss?

Emotions trigger different hormones in us and they can result in losing hair. Emotional stress is every event, which has an adverse effect on our mind. It might be some loss or difficulties, which affect us directly. Going to therapy and reducing stress levels will improve hair condition in this case. Another good method is having more exercises.

Does anaemia cause hair fall?

Iron deficiency is a condition popular as anaemia. Many women suffer from it and its consequences. This type of anaemia can be easily determined with a blood test from your doctor. If you are having doubts that this may be the reason for your hair loss, the only thing you can do to find out is to visit your doctor. If the blood test shows that you have an iron deficiency, then coping with hair loss is easy. You can fix it with iron supplement and your hair will restore quickly.

Can vitamins cause hair loss?

Including vitamins in your diet is a healthy choice but having too much of them can cause some troubles. The opposite case is not OK, too – if we have not enough vitamins. For example, deficiency of vitamin B can cause hair troubles. You can find it in fish, meat, and vegetables.

Does weight loss effect on hair?

Yes, every change in weight causes other things in our body. If we drastically change form thin to fat or the opposite, our bodies feel stress and pressure. We might include in this list eating disorders which cause hair thinning and balding.

Is it possible antidepressants cause a baldness?

This is a delicate question because not every woman or man wants to admit that he or she receives such pills. However, you should feel comfortable to speak with your doctor about your problems because this type of medications will affect your whole body not only the hair. Beta-blockers, antidepressants, methotrexate, and lithium are just a few of the medicines that can cause baldness.


This is the official name of this condition, in which people pull their hair when they are nervous. Playing with hair is the slight form of trichotillomania. Consulting with a therapist can be the only one possible outcome of this condition because no matter of how treatments you will have if you proceed to pull it out, it will never be thick.

Finding the reason for your hair troubles will solve them half. That’s why it is so important to know reasons before having a particular treatment.