Chiropractor knows best

Have you ever suffer from a back pain?

Our back is a part of a body which has a lot of muscles and nerves in it. Almost every human motion includes back motion, too. Many people have permanent back pain and headaches due to wrong posture and bad lifestyle. If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you will know what whiplash is. A chiropractor can successfully treat whiplashes together with other back pains. Most people don’t consider this as a medicine but if it is working there is no matter how people categorize it – alternative or not. We have selected several recommendations from a chiropractor in Singapore for a life without pain in the back and neck.

If you have experienced this kind of pain at least once, keep reading about chiropractors.

The most important chiropractor, according to Doctor X Dentist advice is to maintain good posture. If you want to have a good posture, you should pay attention to it. When you are in upright posture your ankles should be under your knees. Your knees should be straight under your hips. Hips, shoulders, and ears have to form a vertical line. Usually, if you move your shoulder back and down, your posture will correct immediately. Of course, you should regularly do a body check to be sure that you are not transporting the weight on different sides.


Almost every second patient who visits chiropractor Singapore is working on a computer.

Chair posture is very important because the body should be relaxed in order to preserve its best condition. Most people love to swing their feet while they are working but this is totally wrong. Feet should step flat on the ground with bent knees, this way all the tension from the knees will go. Hips should be higher than knees which are possible only if the chair is in the lower position. Eyes have to be pointed to the top of the screen because this will lift up the chin.

A Very important requirement is taking breaks regularly. Walking around, even if there is no reason for it, will decrease back pain. You should think of your shoulders like there is an elastic link between them on and it is shortening every time you try to slump them. Paying attention to the neck is very important, too. Looking in different directions using your neck instead of your eyes will help your neck to be less stiff.

Chiropractors do not hold medical degrees so they are not house call doctors and some of them are really strange. Have in mind that except real treatments there are lots of nonsense that will make you spend money for something that is not working. If you notice that your chiropractor is talking about karma, bruise aura or trying to sell you vitamins at a higher price, find another chiropractor. Unfortunately, like every medical care, there are good specialists and bad ones, too. Chiropractors can not treat your child because their spine is not ready for this kind of treatment. Have in mind that there are better places for diagnosing, so you should be diagnosed elsewhere and go to a chiropractor with ready results.

Driving is another activity that is causing back pain.

Chiropractors will recommend you to improve your posture in the car. The right posture should be slightly backward because body should relax. Elbows should be positioned slightly on a side. This way you will be comfortable enough to drive. Chiropractic usually includes muscle relaxing and stretches, too. Depending on the tightness of the muscle, stretch could be harder. Every person is different and his muscles are cultured differently. Chiropractors are capable of adjusting their treatment for a variety of people.