Breast reduction facts that no one have told you

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Do you know which plastic surgery has the highest rate of satisfaction? Yes, it is a breast reduction surgery. Women who desire to decrease their breast size usually can’t wait to do it and after the surgery, they feel relief and lightness. The back is free to correct the posture and women feel and look more confident. All these things are equal to happiness so the fact that women after breast reduction surgery are the happiest women sounds right.

Why do women want to undergo breast reduction surgery?

Popular belief is that big breasts are a blessing. In fact, if we have to categorize them they are more like punishment. Back pain, bad posture, rashes, sweating – all these are synonyms of big breasts. Do you think that women who are lucky to have them should live their whole life in this nightmare? No, more than 90, 000 women every year choose not to and undergo a breast reduction surgery reports ┬áProbably, the number would be bigger if society doesn’t try to convince women with big breasts that they are an advantage. However, having a plastic surgery is a personal decision and friends and family don’t have to interfere in it.

You can have a breast reduction surgery no matter which is your cup size and how old you are. Often, women don’t think that this surgery is for them because they don’t have huge boobs. In fact, even middle size breasts might cause discomfort. Sometimes breasts prevent some physical activities so this is just another reason. In addition, breasts after pregnancy might increase their size significantly so women start to feel bad about them. Breast reduction surgery┬ánot only remove excessive mass deposits from breasts, but it also lifts them. So if you have received big breasts after a pregnancy and you don’t want to live with them – now, you have an option.

How old should I be before undergoing the surgery?

The breast reduction surgery is suitable for women of all ages. It is not a secret, teenagers have a lot of troubles if they have bigger breasts than their classmates. However, it is recommendable to wait until the breasts are fully developed in order to undergo the procedure. We have already mentioned that it is suitable for women who were pregnant and their boobs have changed. Mature women can have it also when the gravity starts to affect the breast shape. As you may notice, the age is not a limitation indeed.

How bad is the recovery after a breast reduction surgery?

It is not as bad as you think. The patient will get a general anaesthesia but the procedure is long 3 hours only. The same day, the patient might be home. In addition, all sutures are dissolvable so this is not a disadvantage. The whole recovery might take 4-5 weeks but patients are ready to go back to the office in a week. Every woman feels the difference immediately after the surgery. The weight of her breasts is reduced so she is able to feel relief as soon as she wakes up.

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Let’s focus on the bad things you should have in mind before having a breast reduction surgery

You can’t choose your new size

Yes, it is tempting to jump from D cup to A cup but the medicine can’t make such risk with so much tissue removed. So don’t hurry with buying new bras before getting the surgery.

You might have troubles with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is equally essential and challenging for new moms. Breast reduction surgery might reduce the chance of breastfeeding. However, the surgery has evolved and today the procedure is gentler. It is not a bad idea to discuss this disadvantage with your surgeon, though.

You should buy new clothes

Women with bigger breasts often buy bigger size clothes to fit their breasts. As soon as they get a breast reduction and their clothes become too big. Of course, it is cool to have t-shirt S size but in another hand, you have to spend money on new ones. Another thing you should have in mind is that the surgeon will make you reduce your weight few kilos to check how much of your breast size is because of weight. Then he will define how much to remove.

Breast reduction surgery might need a touch-up

Sometimes nipples are too high or there is too obvious asymmetry and a second surgery is necessary. However, this happens too rare so patients don’t have to worry about that.

Do you think that we told you too many disadvantages? We will mention one advantage for a difference. Insurance companies could pay for your breast reduction surgery. If you have back pain due to the size of your breasts then they will pay for the procedure. You should consult that with your insurance company and see what are your chances before breaking the bank.