About us

This blog is for all people who start every single day with a hot cup of coffee. My mother always says that people who drink coffee are wiser so I drink 3 cups every day. Being a wise man may be is more than just drinking coffee but let us believe in it. While drinking your cup of coffee, why don’t you read something interesting? I can guarantee you that enriching your knowledge daily will make you wiser. In my blog, you will find out pieces of unique information and reviews. I am really concern about the level of fake news in mass media so I start my own blog where people can read credible info and opinions.

I am married 35 years old woman, proud owner of a Cocker Spaniel. I have a gorgeous 3 years old daughter and a cat. I have been a real estate agent but this was not the right occupation for me so now I am still looking for the point of life. I will share with you my opinion about fashion, cosmetic products, medical procedures and etc. You can expect to read various topics because I am a really curious type of person. Thank you!