Types of Photo Booth Props

Photo booths in Singapore are an amazing way for entertaining.

You and your friends can create GIF photo memories without any efforts. Photo booths allow you to save some precious moments, while GIF photo booths allow you to save them with GIFs. Not only the GIF photo will be printed almost immediately, but everyone from your party will have a copy. Additional for those who can not live without social media, GIF photos will be sent to them. Photo booths are really cool but there is something cooler — photo props.

Photo booths in Singapore are a modern way to express your creativity. Although people use them for their weddings and parties there are a lot of young people who book an appointment just to make some funny photos. Using photo props is 100% warranty that you will have unique photos. There are a lot of different styles photo booth props in Singapore. We will give you information for the coolest.

Where can you find a photo props?

Photo booths in Singapore, like Ubersnap, have their own props and you can choose among them. Of course, you can bring your own and use them, too. If you are looking for fresh designs and shapes, feel free to check online and you will find a lot of free websites for props. Download files; print them on paper and cut the props — easy job. If you don’t have time to do it, you can always use those that are at a photo booth.

Vintage style photo props

Photo booths allow you to travel back in time with their vintage style props. Usually, you can find a wide range of colorful ties and bow ties attached to wooden sticks. In addition, there are hats and oversized glasses that can let you hide and jumps up behind them. If you have booked GIF photo booth, the jumping part is a fun one.

Princess photo props

Every girl wants to be a princess and princes kit for photo booths is providing this opportunity. It doesn’t matter, that it will be just one or two photos every girl and woman deserves to see herself as a princess. This kit usually contains tiara, necklace, lipsticks, and mirrors. As you can guess, all of them are in pink color.



What is a photo booth shooting without masks?

Truly friend of every fun photo shooting is masking. You can have a photo shoot with your friends and to skip masks, and photo booths are not like paintings. Every party should have at least 4,5 masks. Fun fact is that later you can guess why your friends have chosen exactly these masks to put on. Another great option of the same idea is using giant emoji faces. Have in mind that bigger emoji faces are the lower is a number of people who will fit in the photo.

If your favorite time of the year is summer and you want everyone to know it, you should use tropical kit. Usually, it contains at least one sign “Aloha” and several glasses, ties, and lips. As you can guess, the color is yellow like the sun.

Photo booth shooting has a lot of benefits but the biggest one is that you can entertain your friends and family during the holidays. For every holiday there are different props with typical signs and decorations. For example, there are kits for Halloween and for Christmas so if you want your friends and family to have unique photos for special holiday — photo booth in Singapore is the right choice.

All props are made by cardboard and are completely safe. Usually, they don’t have sharp angles and wooden stick is not sharp, too. Some of them are made with glitter which can fall all over your clothes, though.

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