When should you search for a house call doctor?

In Singapore, the average age of people increases every single year.

It is not a surprise because this is happening all over the world. Our life length becomes longer and the average man becomes older. Singapore is just one country more that will have to face the problems and health solutions for elder people. Having more people on a certain age means that bigger part of them will be old men soon enough. This means that medical care should take responsibility and provide them an easy way to visit their doctors. It is not a surprise, that every new solution is actually forgotten the old one. Home visit doctors in Singapore were not rare event years ago. It was really matter-of-course to see a doctor who is visiting your neighbor and prescribing him medicines. Today this practice is knocking on our doors again.

Home visit doctor in Singapore will come to your home and will provide a quality medical care for you and your family.

But how you should know when is time to call your House Call GP? Usually, the first thought of people when hearing home visit is that patient is elder. Although most patients are elder people, there are a lot of cases where patients are children who don’t feel comfortable to visit hospital or men or women who are not capable of reaching hospital due to some illness or disability.

You should call to your home visit doctor if you feel sick.

Feeling sick can have multiple reasons but most often people experience flu, fever, and headache. These are not very serious health conditions but if there are complications they could become serious ones. Another symptom is a cough and cold. Very often people who have flu or could have a sore throat, ear infection or stomach aches. If you feel one of these things you should call your home visit doctor and book an appointment. Ignoring symptoms is never a good idea especially if the patient has an additional health condition. Home visit doctor can successfully help you and your child in case of sports injury. Imagine that you have spat your ankle and you can’t drive to the hospital — this is the perfect case for your home visit doctor.

The biggest mistake of people – thinking that doctors are needed only when someone is ill.

Research shows that 40% of all illnesses can be prevented if preventive diagnostic was made. Checking the health condition of your child or your elder relatives is essential. Maybe you have heard this before but every year we should go to see a doctor. Another great option of annual physical is a home visit. This is really helpful if your child will have some sports activities, will go to a camp or will start school. All these physicals can be made at home where your children will be calm and not stressed by the hospital environment. Flu shots are part of this treatment, too. If you need a flu show for you and your family, feel free to book an appointment for home visit doctor in Singapore, before flu season starts.

Home visit doctors are licensed well-trained physicians capable of coping with different cases. Most of them are specialized in general practice but have additional knowledge in order to be in help of their patients in a large range of cases. Choosing a home visit doctor for you and your family you provide a qualified care in a safe and comfortable environment — your home.