Physiotherapy clinics in Singapore posture recommendations

Some countries have better-developed medical care than others have and this is not a secret. Countries who are famous for their medical tourism are Singapore, Korea and even Turkey. Not only foreigners can benefit from well-developed medical services in them but people who live there, too. Orthopaedic and physiotherapy clinics are a medical establishment that people visit when they have back pain, skeletal pain or some muscle trauma. People after car incidents have to visit orthopaedist to see if they have some inner trauma by the belt, for example.

Visiting physiotherapy clinic in Singapore means that you are in some pain or want to improve your posture. We found a specialist who explains to us the most common bad posture habits because people who visit physiotherapy clinics usually have the same habits and way of life.

Is it wrong to take a break from sitting?

Some people think it is easy to sit whole day and working in front of the desktop is not heavy work at all. Of course, we are not comparing deskwork with construction but there are some downsides if you stay behind the computer whole day. A common situation is people to work more than 10 hours and take their lunch break in front of computers without moving an inch from their desks. Having a lunch break should mean something else – not checking your emails, not watching a movie and certainly not checking your phone for updates. The human body can’t stay in the same position endlessly. If we stay in bad posture the whole day and don’t rest from it at breaks then the back pain will be our best friend soon.

Physiotherapy clinics in Singapore

The clinics offer a wide range of massages and therapies for people who are overwhelmed and their backbones need a rest.

Do you know how to sit properly?

We pay so much attention to our desks and tables but so little to our posture. We arrange the height of the chair once every year, and then we forget about it. Our posture defines if we will feel pain at the end of the day in the neck and the back. Ergonomic chairs are good chairs – they can make someone feels comfortable, but they can’t improve his posture especially when it’s not arranged properly. Physiotherapists in Singapore recommend adjusting your hips in the chair as deep as possible and step on the floor with both legs at the same time. Don’t cross your legs and get rid of heels. The proper angle of the back of the chair is more than 90 degrees, more like 100 or 110 degrees.

How to avoid back pain?

Many people consider it is enough to go to the gym twice every week, and they will be in a good shape. Unfortunately, exercises can’t make miracles especially when they are not suitable for core strength. Only core strength exercises can improve human posture. If you are having squats, your back will not benefit at all. A lot of people who are patients in physiotherapy clinics in Singapore report that they have visited gyms regularly, and they didn’t expect to have a neck or back pain. Most of them wait until they cause a significant trauma before coming to the clinics. Don’t be that guy because the recovery is harder.

Physiotherapy clinics like Physioactive Singapore are places where highly trained specialists will tell you exactly what has happened with your skeletal system and why you feel discomfort or pain. They will suggest you treatment, pills or massages. It is important to trust your physiotherapy clinic and your doctor because they will help you improve your bone health and restore your mobility.