Painting class in Singapore — intermediate level

Art schools in Singapore educate our children to be creative and innovative.

Some parents have troubles realizing that arts teach kids to be more disciplined than math could do it. There are plenty of sources who show that creativeness developed in the early years of one child will improve his social life and critical thinking. Art schools have different levels suitable for kids at every age. The most optimal decision is signing your kid during his second or third year. Don’t think that young kids are incapable of focusing.

Foundation art class is created to entertain kids and to teach them how to perform tasks. Tasks are different fun games including painting, drawing, and coloring. In Foundation class in Muzart in Singapore, some motor exercises are included, too because developing kids motor skills is extremely important. They should learn how to use tools properly and to maintain their posture. People who are drawing for hours,know that back pain can be a real issue. Although kids don’t have back pain, they should pay attention to their posture and motor skills, too.

Intermediate art classes are higher level. They are created to fulfill the need of upgrading drawing techniques and are separated to three different levels. At first, children are encouraged to feel free exposing their artistic abilities. Freedom is art and children should understand it. In a more practical way, they start to explore collages and color schemes. A big part of the drawing is coloring and shadowing. How to make proper shades and light effects on their drawings is an exercise that they will master in an intermediate level. When people think of drawing they think it is all about color techniques, and they are not completely wrong. Mastering color techniques are essential and during intermediate level art classes kids become experts in it. At the end of the first level, they can make their own collages and have accomplished several creative challenges.

The second level in the Intermediate class is all about freedom and letting go of apprehensions.

Children become familiar with different outlining methods. In addition, teachers explain to them the benefits of finger paintings and children have the opportunity to show what they can do with this method. Watercolor painting and finger painting are really fun activities. Although most of the second level is entertaining, children develop problem-solving abilities, too. They start to make difference between different styles and to sympathize one or another style.

The third level is aimed to discover the world of colors. Children should know already different colors and how they look on paper. In level 3 in an intermediate class, they mix different colors and create new ones. You can imagine how spectacular most of their paintings are. Children master thick and stack skills and pastel effects, too. Drawing cartoon characters and comic figures are included in this class. Choosing what to draw and how to draw it, is improving the ability to make decisions. There is nothing more important for one child than this — knowing the responsibility of taking decisions.

Art classes in Singapore can entertain and educate your children better than other schools.

Arts are linked with taking decisions and expressing yourself. Kids learn more than just painting and drawing they learn how to be good people and how to have a good meaningful life.

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