All your hair needs in one place

Have you been looking for a place where someone will take care of your hair completely? Different hair solutions usually require different saloons and hair centers. People who suffer from hair loss due to various reasons need to visit hair transplant center. People who want to change hair color and length should book an appointment for styling salon. In addition, hair extensions and scalp tests are part of services in specialized hair centers — you can not find them in every hair center.

As you can notice, taking care of your hair will cost you a lot of time and resources until you find the right place. Fortunately, Follicle is a hair center where you can find all these services — scalp treatments, hair extensions, microblading, and color dying. It is situated in Singapore and offers a full care for your hair and beauty.

How is this hair center different?

Most hair centers are created by hairdressers and coiffures, but Follicle hair center is created by doctors. It gives you a 100% warranty that every treatment is medical-based. If you are looking for proven treatments by real doctors this is your place. Treatments are organic, hypo-allergenic, some of them based on Stem Cell technology. Have you heard of mesotherapy? Although people think this therapy is for skin only, in this hair center they used it very successfully for scalp and hair. Actually, Meso Scalp Therapy is an award-winning treatment. The idea is in using stem cells to help your scalp to grow more follicles. At the end of this significant treatment, there is a laser procedure which aims to strengthen follicles on the head. Don’t think that this treatment is suitable for balding men only; it is a really successful solution for women who want to restore volume, too. The main effect is stimulating hair to grow permanently.

Stem cells treatments are very popular among people who want to improve their hair condition. For example, Korean stem cell hair therapy is suitable for men and women who want to stop permanently hair fall. This treatment has complementary hair test included. Follicle’s Hair Diagnosis is another great thing you could find in this hair center. They will send samples from your hair to laboratory and results will show what is wrong with your follicles and what treatment will be the most suitable. This reduces the chances of wrong selected treatment to zero. We all know, how annoying is when someone recommends you some procedure without tests, that’s why Follicle hair center is a different center.

Pure oxygen treatment is included in services, too.

This treatment allows follicles to be unclogged and cleaned with pure oxygen. Due to various pollution, like polluted air or poor diet, our cells become hungry for more oxygen, this treatment helps them get it.

Follicle hair center offers special hair transplantation procedure for people who desire to increase the amount and volume of their hair. Blocking DHT, nourishing the scalp and Follicular Unit Extraction is the procedure that you can find in Follicle hair center. FUE a is a modern and successful method of transplanting follicles permanently. The results are fully visible after 6-8 months. This is a long-lasting solution and it can be used by people who are willing to have natural hair.

Except for medical treatments in Follicle hair center you can find hair stylists who will take care for your hairstyle the best possible way.

Providing the best styling techniques and medical treatments makes this hair center one of the best hair salons in Singapore.

In addition, they provide microblading eyebrow embroidery. If you haven’t heard of this procedure before — it is a modern method of drawing small individual hairs to your eyebrows. The results look natural and the procedure wins the name 3D embroidery. The shape of the eyebrows is created before the procedure and the client has the opportunity to approve it. However, this procedure is one of the most popular procedures last 3 years because it saves women monthly correcting their eyebrows. The results will stay up to 2 years so it is a long-term decision.

In Follicle hair center you will find everything you will need for your hair and beautiful look. Not only the treatments are medically proven but specialists will give you the best recommendations for your hair and style depending on credible tests and rich experience. If you are looking for a professional care for your hair, Follicle is the right place.

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