Ellanse dermal filler against hyaluronic acid filler (HA fillers)

If you want to tighten your face there are plenty methods. All of them have pros and cons and very often people choose the one, that they know better not the most suitable for them. Consulting with a dermatologist is the first step you should do before looking for additional information and different kinds of dermal fillers. If your best friend is your age and has one type of filler, it doesn’t mean that it will be suitable for your skin, too. Every person is different and aging is a different process for all of us.

A Very famous filler is Hyaluronic Acid filler and as every cosmetic treatment, it has its own fans and enemies.

This is absorbable filler which is lasting in a human body no more than 9 months. Unfortunately, the filler is not capable to act whole year and has to be renovated. HA filler has one great benefit — hydration. Women use it to hydrate their loose skin and to tighten it a little. Depending on a research HA fillers are 5th most used non-invasive treatment in the world. With aging skin loses not only its freshness but its elasticity and collagen, too. HA fillers are really helpful in the lower part of the face — nose, chin, marionette lines, lips, and cheeks. This doesn’t mean it cannot be used for the upper part but it is not the most suitable treatment for this purpose. HA fillers are made of glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine. These parts can be found in animal tissues so these totally natural ingredients.

There is no such thing as ideal filler. Women and men have experienced a lot of false attempts to create the one that is going to last forever and will be completely safe. At the end, this type of ideal filler is just a myth. It should be painless, non-allergenic and not movable under the skin. Lasting as long as possible is the aim of every dermatologist who pays attention to the fillers. Of course, most of them last no more than a year.

There is one filler who is a little different from others – Ellanse dermal filler. It has several types and lasts longer.

Ellanse dermal filler used by Israr Wong has S type, M, L and E type. The main difference is that E type can last up to 4 years and its price is higher. Ellanse S in Singapore is used to fill deep wrinkles and to renovate the young look of the face. Ellanse is a gel which consists polycaprolactone spheres. The greatest benefit of Ellanse Singapore is that these spheres force our own skin to start producing more collagen. Of course, the process is slow but the effect from the injected filler is obvious almost immediately. Most patients can see the results right after dermatologist injected them. Of course, starting producing more collagen takes several weeks to affect.

Israr Wong recommends before choosing the right filler to have a consultation with a dermatologist.

There are plenty of other fillers and treatments which can help with your appearance. For example, Botox treatment has a completely different effect and it is recommendable for eyes area. The process of “freezing” your muscle and wrinkles, thanks to the Botox is well-known and has its own fans, too. Actually, this treatment is the most popular all over the world from all non-invasive procedures. Discussing with your dermatologist your type of wrinkles and expected results will help you determine the right type of filler, said Israr Wong. No matter if it is Ellanse Singapore or HA filler your dermatologist should know what you expect to see in the mirror after the procedure.

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