Alkaline water – what is it?

Have you heard of alkaline water? The chance you don’t is a close to zero. There are certain groups of people who have explained why this type of water is healthier than the regular one. Today, we are going to explain to you what studies reveal as facts. As you may know, facts are the only one thing that can prove if one thing is healthy or not. Finding the right studies and extracting the right facts is not an easy task, but we get on it.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water with a higher pH. First, we have to explain what means alkaline. A substance can be alkaline or acid. These are two ends of its nature. If one substance is pH1, this means it is acidic, if it is pH 13 – very alkaline. Neutral pH is 7, alkaline water’s pH is eight or nine. For example, you can pay attention to your shower cream or shampoo; they should be pH 5 or 6. In nature, alkaline water is formed when water runs over some minerals and rocks. Today we found an easier way to provide it. There are machines who electrolyte water and formed alkaline mineral water according to Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd. Companies have refined this process and distribute these machines to people. This is a great thing if you want to live a healthier life and to drink pure water.



Let’s dig deeper into the advantages.

Studies have proven that alkaline water is helpful for some health conditions. For example, if a man has acid reflux drinking alkaline water will deactivate pepsins. Pepsins are not a bad thing usually; they divide proteins into peptides, which is a normal process.

Alkaline mineral water is a great advantage for people who work out in a gym or participate in some sport. Drinking water with higher pH makes blood to circulate with lower viscosity. Viscosity means the strength of blood circulation through vessels. Slower it circulates, more oxygen is distributed. People who work out really hard, know that oxygen is really important for muscles and the quality of one exercise. That’s why so many exercises have significant rules how you should breathe. For example, yoga practices are focused on the right breathing because there is nothing more important than distributing more oxygen to the vessels. Alkaline water does that easy for us.

In addition, alkaline mineral water supporters have listed several health conditions where alkaline water can help, too. People who have higher blood pressure and high cholesterol should drink it daily. Another risk group is people who have diabetes. Alkaline water is believed to help with the anti-aging process and colon cleansing. The explanation is that liquid antioxidants are absorbed several times faster. In this list, we should add detoxifying properties and higher hydration. This will lead to higher immune system and cancer resistance. Of course, if a man wants to reduce its weight, it can be accomplished with alkaline water, too. Drinking it will not make him thinner but it will fasten metabolism.

Although our alkaline mineral water is artificial or at least it is not natural, it doesn’t mean it is different from natural. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to drink natural alkaline water but this one from the machines is just as good as the original one. Several studies prove it is even better for our health. As you may know, water is the most important fluid we have in our bodies, so we should take care of its quality properly.


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